Wise Quotes – You Still Make Me Smile Even If You’re Main Reason Why I’m Sad


Wise Quotes – You See, She’s Perfect And I’m, Well, Me


Wise Quotes – You Say I’m Dirty Minded…But How Did You Understand What I Meant


Wise Quotes – You’ve Got To Aim And See Where You Land – Nigel Harman


Wise Quotes There Are Moments When Troubles Enter Our Lives And We Can Do Nothing To Avoid Them. But They Are There For a Reason. Only When We Have Overcome Them Will We Understand Why They Were There – Paulo Coelho


WisWhen We Look At Modern Man, We Have To Face The Fact That Modern Man Suffers From A Kind Of Poverty Of The Spirit, Which Stands In Glaring Contrast With A Scientific And Technological Abundance – Martin Luther King J


WThere’s A Difference Between Interest And Commitment. When You’re Interested In Doing Something, You Do It Only When It’s Convenient. When You’re Commited To Something, You Accept No Excuses; Only Results – Kenneth


Wise Quotes – You Don’t Write Because You Want To Say Something. You Write Because You’ve Got Something To Say – Anonymous


Wise Quotes – You Don’t Understand How Much I Need You


Wise Quotes – You Come To Love Not By Finding The Perfect Person, But By Seeing An Imperfect Person Perfectly – Sam Keen